Bayesian treatment of unknown foregrounds

We present an effective solution to the unknown foreground contamination problem in galaxy survey analyses. We have developed a robust likelihood designed to account for effects due to unknown foreground and target contaminations by effectively marginalizing over the unknown large-scale contamination amplitudes.

Precision cosmology with expansion

We have developed a novel algorithm to infer cosmological constraints within a large-scale Bayesian inference framework. This hierarchical approach, relying purely on the geometrical symmetries of the cosmological principle, is among the first methods to extract a large fraction of information from statistics other than that of direct density contrast correlations.
Fifth force picture

Fifth force on galaxy cluster scale

The tightest bound on fifth-force class of modified gravity models are found on the basis of the BORG-PM model and innovative small scale modelling of the gravitational field. Those bounds even hint at possible positive detection, though more investigation on the impact of galaxy physics is required to assess this claim.

The BORG Particle-Mesh model

We have published a new algorithm that allows to adjust with finely details the structure of the Local Universe from 2M++ data. We present some direct applications to mass measurements, peculiar velocities and density fluctuations.