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Constraints on dark matter annihilation and decay from the large-scale structure of the nearby universe
D. J. Bartlett, A. Kostić, H. Desmond, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
The effect of local universe constraints on halo abundance and clustering
M. L. Hutt, H. Desmond, J. Devriendt, A. Slyz
Field-Based Physical Inference From Peculiar Velocity Tracers
J. Prideaux-Ghee, F. Leclercq, G. Lavaux, A. Heavens, J. Jasche
SIBELIUS-DARK: a galaxy catalogue of the Local Volume from a constrained realisation simulation
S. McAlpine, J. C. Helly, M. Schaller, T. Sawala, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche, C. S. Frenk, A. Jenkins, J. R. Lucey, P. H. Johansson
MNRAS 512, 5823-5847; arXiv:2202.04099arxiv
The large-scale environment of thermonuclear and core-collapse supernovae
E. Tsaprazi, J. Jasche, A. Goobar, H. V. Peiris; I. Andreoni, M. W. Coughlin, C. U. Fremling, M. J. Graham, M. Kasliwal, S. R. Kulkarni, A. A. Mahabal, R. Riddle, J. Sollerman, A. Tzanidakis
MNRAS 510, 366-372; arXiv:2109.02651arxiv
Catalogues of voids as antihaloes in the local Universe
H. Desmond, M. L. Hutt, J. Devriendt, A. Slyz
MNRAS 511, L45-L49; arXiv:2109.09439arxiv
Optimal machine-driven acquisition of future cosmological data
A. Kostic, J. Jasche, D. Kodi Ramanah, G. Lavaux
A&A 657, L17-L26; arXiv:2107.00657arxiv
Field-level inference of galaxy intrinsic alignment from the SDSS-III BOSS survey
E. Tsaprazi, N. M. Nguyen, J. Jasche, F. Schmidt, G. Lavaux
Reconstructing dark matter distribution with peculiar velocities: Bayesian forward modelling with corrections for inhomogeneous Malmquist bias
S. Sarma Boruah, G. Lavaux, M. J. Hudson
Catalogues of voids as antihalos in the local Universe
H. Desmond, M. L. Hutt, J. Devriendt, A. Slyz
Constraints on quantum gravity and the photon mass from gamma ray bursts
D. J. Bartlett, H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira, J. Jasche
PRD 104, 103516; arXiv:2109.07850arxiv
Lifting weak lensing degeneracies with a field-based likelihood
N. Porqueres, A. Heavens, D. Mortlock, G. Lavaux
Constraints on equivalence principle violation from gamma ray bursts
D. J. Bartlett, D. Bergsdal, H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira, J. Jasche
PRD 104, 084025; arXiv:2106.15290arxiv
Bayesian cosmological inference through implicit cross-correlation statistics
G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
Bayesian forward modelling of cosmic shear data
N. Porqueres, A. Heavens, D. Mortlock, G. Lavaux
MNRAS 502, 3035-3044; arXiv:2011.07722arxiv
Constraints on galileons from the positions of supermassive black holes
D. J. Bartlett, H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira
PRD 103, 023523; arXiv:2010.05811arxiv
On the accuracy and precision of correlation functions and field-level inference in cosmology
F. Leclercq, A. Heavens
MNRAS Letters 506, L85; arXiv:2103.04158arxiv
Impacts of the physical data model on the forward inference of initial conditions from biased tracers
N. M. Nguyen, F. Schmidt, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
Peculiar velocities in the local Universe: comparison of different models and the implications for H0 and dark matter
S. Sarma Boruah, Michael J. Hudson, G. Lavaux
Sigma-Eight at the Percent Level: The EFT Likelihood in Real Space
F. Schmidt
Galaxy morphology rules out astrophysically relevant f(R)
H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira
PRD 102, 104060; arXiv:2009.08743arxiv
Taking measurements of the kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect forward: including uncertainties from velocity reconstruction with forward modeling
N. M. Nguyen, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux, F. Schmidt
JCAP 12, 011; arXiv:2007.13721arxiv
Screened fifth forces lower the TRGB-calibrated Hubble constant too
H. Desmond, J. Sakstein
PRD 102, 023007; arXiv:2003.12876arxiv
A hierarchical field-level inference approach to reconstruction from sparse Lyman-α forest data
N. Porqueres, O. Hahn, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
A&A 642, A139 ; arXiv:2005.12928arxiv
Unbiased Cosmology Inference from Biased Tracers using the EFT-based Likelihood
F. Schmidt, G. Cabass, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
JCAP 11, 008; arXiv:2004.06707arxiv
Dynamical mass inference of galaxy clusters with neural flows
D. Kodi Ramanah, R. Wojtak, Z. Ansari, C. Gall, J. Hjorth
MNRAS 499, 1985-1997; arXiv:2003.05951arxiv
Perfectly parallel cosmological simulations using spatial comoving Lagrangian acceleration
F. Leclercq, B. Faure, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt, A. H. Jaffe, A. F. Heavens, W. J. Percival, C. Noûs
A&A 639, A91; arXiv:2003.04925arxiv
Super-resolution emulator of cosmological simulations using deep physical models
D. Kodi Ramanah, T. Charnock, F. Villaescusa-Navarro, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 495, 4227-4236; arXiv:2001.05519arxiv
Testing self-interacting dark matter with galaxy warps
K. Pardo, H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira
PRD 100, 123006; arXiv:1911.04497arxiv
Cosmic flows in the nearby Universe: new peculiar velocities from SNe and cosmological constraints
S. Sarma Boruah, M. J. Hudson, G. Lavaux
MNRAS 498, 2703-2718; arXiv:1912.09383arxiv
Velocity debiasing for Hubble constant measurements from standard sirens
S. Mukherjee, G. Lavaux, F. R. Bouchet, J. Jasche, B. D. Wandelt, S. M. Nissanke, F. Leclercq, K. Hotokezaka
Neural physical engines for inferring the halo mass distribution function
T. Charnock, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt, S. Sarma Boruah, J. Jasche, M. J. Hudson
MNRAS 494, 50-61; arXiv:1909.06379arxiv
Systematic-free inference of the cosmic matter density field from SDSS3-BOSS data
G. Lavaux, J. Jasche, F. Leclercq
The Likelihood For Large-Scale Structure
G. Cabass, F. Schmidt
Cosmology Inference from Biased Tracers using the EFT-based Likelihood
F. Elsner, F. Schmidt, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux, N. M. Nguyen
Inferring high redshift large-scale structure dynamics from the Lyman-alpha forest
N. Porqueres, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux, T. Ensslin
A&A 630, A151; arXiv:1907.02973arxiv
A local resolution of the Hubble tension: The impact of screened fifth forces on the cosmic distance ladder
H. Desmond, B. Jain, J. Sakstein
PRD 100, 043537; arXiv:1907.03778arxiv
Wiener filtering and pure E/B decomposition of CMB maps with anisotropic correlated noise
D. Kodi Ramanah, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 490, 947; arXiv:1906.10704arxiv
Painting halos from cosmic density fields of dark matter with physically motivated neural networks
D. Kodi Ramanah, T. Charnock, G. Lavaux
PRD 100, 043515; arXiv:1903.10524arxiv
Primordial power spectrum and cosmology from black-box galaxy surveys
F. Leclercq, W. Enzi, J. Jasche, A. Heavens
MNRAS 490, 4237; arXiv:1902.10149arxiv
Explicit Bayesian treatment of unknown foreground contaminations in galaxy surveys
N. Porqueres, D. Kodi Ramanah, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
A&A 624, A115; arXiv:1812.05113arxiv
Cosmological inference from Bayesian forward modelling of deep galaxy redshift surveys
D. Kodi Ramanah, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche, B. D. Wandelt
A&A 621, A69; arXiv:1808.07496arxiv
A rigorous EFT-based forward model for large-scale structure
F. Schmidt, F. Elsner, J. Jasche, N. M. Nguyen, G. Lavaux
JCAP 1, 42; arXiv:1808.02002arxiv
Physical Bayesian modelling of the non-linear matter distribution: new insights into the Nearby Universe
J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
A&A 625, A64; arXiv:1806.11117arxiv
The peculiar velocity field up to z~0.05 by forward-modeling Cosmicflows-3 data
R. Graziani, H. M. Courtois, G. Lavaux, Y. Hoffman, R. B. Tully, Y. Copin, D. Pomarède
MNRAS 488, 5438-5451; arXiv:1901.01818arxiv
Fifth force constraints from galaxy warps
H. Desmond, P. Ferreira, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
Phys. Rev. D 98, 083010; arXiv:1807.11742arxiv
Fifth force constraints from separation of galaxy mass components
H. Desmond, P. Ferreira, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
Phys. Rev. D 98, 064015; arXiv:1807.01482arxiv
Bayesian optimisation for likelihood-free cosmological inference
F. Leclercq
Phys. Rev. D 98, 063511; arXiv:1805.07152arxiv
The primordial magnetic field in our cosmic backyard
S. Hutschenreuter, S. Dorn, J. Jasche, F. Vazza, D. Paoletti, G. Lavaux, T. A. Enßlin
CQG 35, 154001; arXiv:1803.02629arxiv
Automatic physical inference with information maximising neural networks
T. Charnock, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt
Phys. Rev. D 97, 083004; arXiv:1802.03537arxiv
Optimal and fast E/B separation with a dual messenger field
D. Kodi Ramanah, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 476, 2825-2834; arXiv:1801.05358arxiv
Imprints of the large-scale structure on AGN formation and evolution
N. Porqueres, J. Jasche, T. Ensslin, G. Lavaux
A&A 612, A31; arXiv:1710.07641arxiv
Reconstructing the gravitational field of the local universe
H. Desmond, P. G. Ferreira, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
MNRAS 474, 3152-3161; arXiv:1705.02420arxiv
Bayesian power-spectrum inference with foreground and target contamination treatment
J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
A&A 606, A37; arXiv:1706.08971arxiv
Wiener filter reloaded: fast signal reconstruction without preconditioning
D. Kodi Ramanah, G. Lavaux, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 468, 1782-1793; arXiv:1702.08852arxiv
The phase-space structure of nearby dark matter as constrained by the SDSS
F. Leclercq, J. Jasche, G. Lavaux, B. Wandelt, W. Percival
JCAP 6, 49; arXiv:1601.00093arxiv
Comparing cosmic web classifiers using information theory
F. Leclercq, G. Lavaux, J. Jasche, B. Wandelt
JCAP 8, 27; arXiv:1606.06758arxiv
Bayesian 3d velocity field reconstruction with VIRBIuS
G. Lavaux
MNRAS 457, 172-197; arXiv:1512.04534arxiv
Unmasking the Masked Universe: the 2M++ catalogue through Bayesian eyes
G. Lavaux, J. Jasche
MNRAS 455, 3169-3179; arXiv:1509.05040arxiv
Halo detection via large-scale Bayesian inference
A. I. Merson, J. Jasche, F. B. Abdalla, O. Lahav, B. D. Wandelt, H. D. Jones, M. Colless
MNRAS 460, 1340-1355; arXiv:1505.03528arxiv
Cosmic web-type classification using decision theory
F. Leclercq, J. Jasche, B. Wandelt
A&A Letters 576, L17; arXiv:1503.00730arxiv
Bayesian analysis of the dynamic cosmic web in the SDSS galaxy survey
F. Leclercq, J. Jasche, B. Wandelt
JCAP 6, 15; arXiv:1502.02690arxiv
Dark matter voids in the SDSS galaxy survey
F. Leclercq, J. Jasche, P. M. Sutter, N. Hamaus, B. Wandelt
JCAP 3, 47; arXiv:1410.0355arxiv
Past and present cosmic structure in the SDSS DR7 main sample
J. Jasche, F. Leclercq, B. D. Wandelt
JCAP 1, 36; arXiv:1409.6308arxiv
Matrix-free Large Scale Bayesian inference in cosmology
J. Jasche, G. Lavaux
MNRAS 447, 1204-1212; arXiv:1402.1763arxiv
Methods for Bayesian power spectrum inference with galaxy surveys
J. Jasche, B. D. Wandelt
ApJ 779, 15; arXiv:1306.1821arxiv
Bayesian physical reconstruction of initial conditions from large scale structure surveys
J. Jasche, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 432, 894-913; arXiv:1203.3639arxiv
Bayesian inference from photometric redshift surveys
J. Jasche, B. D. Wandelt
MNRAS 425, 1042-1056; arXiv:1106.2757arxiv
Bayesian non-linear large scale structure inference of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7
J. Jasche, F. S. Kitaura, C. Li, T. A. Enßlin
MNRAS 409, 355-370; arXiv:0911.2498arxiv
Fast Hamiltonian sampling for large scale structure inference
J. Jasche, F. S. Kitaura
MNRAS 407, 29-42; arXiv:0911.2496arxiv
Bayesian power-spectrum inference for Large Scale Structure data
J. Jasche, F. S. Kitaura, B. D. Wandelt, T. A. Enßlin
MNRAS 406, 60-85; arXiv:0911.2493arxiv